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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 23, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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huckabee is next. canned chore -- >> tonight on huckabee. the president called 2014 a year of action. >> president is doing without congress getting involved. >> 2014 is the year of midterm election. >> you don't have 218 votes you have nothing. >> can the gop address the issue of jobs and obama care. we'll have no chance of stopping obama for two more years if we don't take more seats in the house and win the senate. >> republicans can't win because the democrats fumble the ball. they have to carry it to the goal line. tonight a huckabee special. how can the republican party
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win? . >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you very much. great audience here in the studio and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. tonight, we are going to focus on answering the question of how can the republicans win? in case that sounds like a very partisan approach. let me be up front and honest, it is. i never pretend to be objective and pised. my show welcomes fews that are not mine but i hardly hide my political leanings. i clearly believe that a be bet republicans took control of the senate and added to the numbers in the house and took the white house in 2016. that is not just to change the label it is but change the direction for the great but struggling republic. we are suffering under an
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inexperienced executive leader who proves he is a community organizer, agitate and disrupt and wreak havoc in the social and political order. it is not governing, his grabs in energy and taxing and immigration and determining the monuments to close are mind- numbbing. as he treats the country as his personal kingdom upon he takes no responsibility for the failed policys and disasters. none. it is always someone else's shot. george bush's fault and house republicans and tea party and always someone else. republicans must unite and present a strong and unified effort to stand for personal and freedom. and less big government and more local and limited government and
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lower taxes and a country where mothers and fathers raise their kids instead of letting the government do it. because if we don't, we could see speaker pelosi take the program and harry the contrary reid. the democrats learned how to keep their disagreements behelped closed doors. and the republicans spend more time fighting in the family than taking on the liberals. there are role issues, but differences among conservatives bigger than the far left loans that are in control of our government right now? topics we'll cover is obama care and out of control spending and diversity in the republican party and immigration reform. i will be joined by a panel of republicans throughout the hour and we'll look at the facebook and twitter questions and comments that you sent us along
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with your concerns. and we'll be joined by the rnc chairman and get his input on how republicans can win. marcia blackburn of tennessee. and rev repped rodriguez president of the hispanic leadership conference and one of the leaders. and crystal wright is with us. editor of conservative black and david web b and founder of tea party throw 65 and a fox ne news contributor. great to have you guys here and it will be fun. i want to start off with immigration. sammy to you on this one. house republicans decided not to take this issue up this year. a lot of people felt relief it was not going to be a contentious battle. what do republicans need to put on the table in the way of
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immigration reform that is not only effective to deal with the issue because that is the first reason but how to deal with it in a way that is politically effective and not to do political suicide? >> governor, first, today's complansy is tomorrow's captivity. the republican party must cross the jordan of immigration reform. i am a proacher now and i am so sorry. >> we'll pass the plate and i will get the money. >> the republican party must cross the jordan of immigration if ever to step in the promised land of the hispanic electorate. and not addressing immigration reform it alienates the hispanic and the majority of the people, according to fox news poll that carry bibles and wear badges and run businesses. and what we need is not amnesty. it is not an option. >> that's not what the hispanic
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community is clamoring for. >> no, why should we grant amnesty to people who stepped in this nation illegally. it is not an option. what we are looking for is immigration reform system that secower borders, if we can read the license plate thousands of miles away in afghanistan, we can detect who is crossing the rio grapped. it is a matter of secowering the border and stopping illegal immigration and providing a pathway for immigration for those who are here. those who are self sustaining and resonate with our value system. these are the immigrants are in this nation to bless this nation and not curse it. but not addressing immigration reform will further alienate a electorate that resonates with conservative values on different levels. >> how would it look to have a way to deal with 11 million.
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i don't know that we really know. what do we cowith those folks. >> a pathway of integration. you don't give them expedoited pathway to citizenship. it is not fair there are those coming in legally. and for those here illegally to go to the front of the line. and that is to the back of the line and get guest worker visa and the idea that 11 million people want to be u.s. citizens that is a misnomer. many want to work here and go back and seasonally work here according to the needs of the economy. and so let's provide a guest worker visa that may lead to permanent residency and if they want citizenship let them go back to of the line and admit they came here illegally. and pay the fine. >> and congresswoman, that proposal that sammy decided about. the house decided not to touch.
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it is what he talked about doable in the house as we know it today? >> governor, the conservative in the house had an increditimental process and dealing with the criminal illegal enttrants and having ice clear up the entrance and exit and when they have a visa they leave when it expires and finding components where you are dealing with legalization and not amnesty and not citizenship. but dealing with legalization and doing that in an orderly process is what the american people want to see. >> you think it will happen by poses? and i am curious is comprehensive necessary? we don't trust the process of congress as long as the democrats are in charge of the senate and they will butcher it
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up some way. >> i think what the congresswoman said makes the most sense. americans want enforcement and i have a problem with immigration reform. it is enforcement. we have immigration laos our books and the president instructed the justice department to ignore the laws. what he said is, if somebody catches an illegal immigrant here and they don't have a criminal record they can at a and work in the country. and so for republicans, i like the approach that the congresswoman said. increditmental and focusing on enforcement. and i don't see them passing a sweeping bill out of the house. we know what happened in the senate. but the way republicans can win the hispanic vote and black vote and everybody else is talking about immigration and a boyding by our laws. everybody wants us to be a law- abiding country.
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it doesn't matter the color of the 67. if we can talk about the immigration problem with that tone, guess what, we are going to do well. >> first of all, we have to go on. >> they tend to put together immigration and get the hispanic vote. you want to get the vote and pro growth policies. and what is good for the nation. there is no guarantee of the hispanic vote if you do immigration. we need to separate as we deal with the issues in this country. >> we'll have to move o. we could do the whole show on immigration. run government like a household and don't borrow money for anything that is not needed. what is done to reign in spending. we'll talk about it next. stay with us. if you would like to comment and share with me your thoughts. go to my website on
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866-ny1-talk. and sign up on facebook or twitter a
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>> one final question on immigration before we move o. all of the immigrants are going to vote democratic, is that true? >> absolutely not. 40 percent of the hispanics supported george bush. and i am a guy wo believes that the only answer for america is not the document but the agenda of the lamb. but with that context there are conservative values that resonate in the hispanic community. 27 percent supported romney. and it is an opportunity for hispanic to come back and
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confirm the conservative ethos in the community. >> and both chambers of commerce approved a increase to the nation's debt limit without curving spending. this is what house speaker boehner had to say about it. >> it is a lost opportunity for america. we are on a spending trajectory that is unsustainable. the president knows and every republican and democrat in this town knows it and it has to be dealt with and it is a desappointing moment. >> it was a disappointing moment. raising the debt seouling. and david web you are a tea party guy. how frustrated were you and was this a real failure? >> i am frustrated with the spending problem in congress and frustrated with speaker boehner and the republicans on this issue. it is disheartening to see that
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the federal government as a whole all to blame for this. republicans and democrats and otherwise for the spending problem. with that said, i so a point of strategy in this and the point of strategy which is the bitter pill to swallow and we have no choice. republicans need to buy no more bullets for the democrats going in 2014. and we'll have no chance of stopping obama for two more years if we don't win or take more seats in the house and don't win the senate and able to override the president. there are democrats that will vote with us on some issues. i understand the strategy point that could work. for the republicans, there is going to be massive failure on their part. congresswoman take it to speaker boehner if over the next several months you don't deliver to the american people. you are going home on break and you have to talk to the people
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and deliver tangible results on issues. and you have the power of the purse. and it is incumbent upon you to use the power of the purse to not fund programs. because if the american people and independent voters don't see results, you will not win the senate. >> and you are weighing in on that. >> i totally agree to him. talking about the spending and what you are doing it. i thought it was too much at 7 trillion and now 17 or 18? every year i offer amendments and bills to cut 1 and 2 and 5 percent. and save a penny out of a dollar and do it for the children and future generations and everybody ought to do that. if we did this, we would save 11 million out of discretionary spending and it is time to do it and get rid of dumri cative programs and as we go through
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the appropriation. and the power of the purse to the house, we force the president to sign a budget. what you are going to see us to go to the floor and disallow spending on programs that outlived their usefulness. defund navigators and extra irs agents and a lot of obama care. that's how we will do it. >> here's my issue. i have to go back to this. it hasn't, it hasn't been affective enough and i understand the plan of taking a haircut. there is over 400 billion in dumri cative programs according to an audit. they are not daement with in the house. and the republicans are as guilty and are as guilty of pandering to things that support to what keeps them in power. >> i will push back on david. when you get elected government is about compromise and the first thing, when speaker
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boehner did a smart thing when he said we'll pass the clean ceiling bill. he put the monkey on the back of the democrats and a spending president. and the problem we have as a party we dealt with the government shutdown last fall, what we saw is a lot of tea party folks got caught up in repeal obama care when it department have a chance to be repealed instead of delaying the individual man date and there is a great argument for that now. the only way republicans will cut the federal debt and spending is getting the house and senate. >> that is an important point. politics is an issue of math. it is a mathematical issue. you don't have the votes tdoesn't matter what you want to do and you the stand you lose and you lose and you don't win the bigger issues. and i do think that it is
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important on what you said and taken to heart by our viewers. republicans can win the rhetorical debate and they have to win the mathematical. and you have to have two houses. >> coming up. can republicans win on the problems of obama care alone? or do they need
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>> what more to say about obama care? the congressional office believes that the affordable care act is going to cost 2 million jobs. part of the law is delaying the president's whim and you have
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this? >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to keep your health krar plan period. >> turns out over 6 million people and counseling have lost their plan under obama care. congresswoman blackburn. you are from a state that tried something like this. >> that's right. we experienced it firsthand and that's why tennesseeans did not want to do the medicaid expansion and why they said you need to do everything you can to delay and repeal and replace it. my cross state line purchase of health care bill is one of those options and we have american health carry reform act that is a comprehensive replacement for obama care and includes portability and a across state line purchase and insurance accountabilities and opportunity for small businesses and individuals to experience that
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health care deductibility just like big businesses and traeszs medical ma lpractice reform and puts the emphasis on the patient and their doctor and we like that. >> not only, let the doctor make designations? >> that's right. >> i want to make the point that republicans are going to come out pretty good this year because people are so unhappy with obama care. but republicans can't win just because the democrats fumbled the ball. you mentioned one thing. are there other ways republicans can win on the issue not only being against obama care but real reform? >> there is. and what we want to do is make certain that we are talking not only health care insurance but health care delivery and having that accessible and under served communities.
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i was in the rural counties in tennessee this week. because of the obama care rules, people are losing insurance. insurance costs went up 700 percent x. hospitals cannot get reimbursement. and that means access is cramped. you might have the insurance card but it doesn't mean you have access to the doctor and care you need. and we are really seeing access to care compromised. >> many of the hispanic community are catholic or evafrjelical. are there poses of obama care that are feps fencive to them and that that could turn the community's vote. >> first, the idea of any funding that terminates the life in the womb is reprehensible. and the growth of government. radeccal idea that one of my mentors gave me.
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god over man and man over government. and there is a limited amount of space. if government grows man and god move out of the way. i believe in limited government. uncle sam may be our uncle but never the heavenly father. (applause) this over dependency on government to solve our problems including our health care issues, i believe it should be in the states and preexisting comes. and as a christian we are compelled to support. i want all americans to have health care. but not on the backs of generations and increasing the size of government. >> david? >> and one of the areas where the republicans and federal government need to deputy to. we started by the president's approach and seem to be fighting against the approach health care for all. 40 million uninsured in this country and by the way, cbo said
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down the rod 30 million will be uninsured. why not look at policies that help the 40 million and same time looking at things with portability and advaps in the number of doctors and nurses and health savings accounts to fix problems with insurance and providers for the ones that have it already. look at governors. we have 29 governors and find localized solutions. you may have to have some partnerships for people who need health care and preexisting. but you will not do it by focusing on the rest of the country. >> and the reality. health care is ultimately the responsibility of the individuals and they have to take responsibility. we'll never be able to spend our way in healthy behavior. make it so the doctors and
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patients are in the transactionment and not third party people paying. when you remove the patient and doctor. >> and responsibility. and personal responsibility. and coming up. diversity and the republican party and this is one of the things we heard. a good friend of mine sees the entire party as racist. why does mark's friend so it this way? we'll talk about that next. @w
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>> so we are talking about how republicans win and david web is fox nows contributor and crystal wright and reve sammy rodriguez. and president of the national leadership conference and marsha
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blackburn of tennessee. >> we'll talk about diversity in the republican party and sometimes the criticism is that republicans are a middle age old white guys club and no one else can play or win. crystal let me get to the point with you. we had a situation recently where tim scott was called a ventrility dummy. and they found that offensive. is it possible for people of color to find a place? >> i am example of that and you know, it is no mystery why i decided to name my d're blog conservative black chick to she the republican party is inclusive. a little history lesson here. lincoln and the republicans broke away from the wigs, because the wigs wanted to
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expand states out west and become slave states. we were the party to elect first blacks to congress. but the congresswoman and i were talking about this before we all got together. and what we said, look at all of us on the panel with you. we are representative. >> and i am the only white guy here. >> right. you are part of. you are the minority. >> you didn't say it but i knew it was coming. >> it was coming and you took the words out of my mouth. >> and the thing is, rrnt we all representative of the melting pot that is america
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governor huckabee is all white males. >> do you feel welcome in the conservative movement. >> i resonant with the conservative movement on both vertical and economy and limited government and social values that i dome to be important. it is it an perception. it is angry white republican males. why is the republican party so angry according to those in the latino and african-american community. they are opposed to everything. they need to resurrect the justice platform of abri hamelin conand reagan optism. we can talk about justice without big government. but if we can reinvigorate the
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communities, we'll see african-american and latinos saying yes. >> we are going to call our party the grand party and. >> long- term engagement. it is one thing to say this is what we need to do. and what we have not done, in the rnc or congress. the tactics and strategies change. what we need to get into the communities and talk to the folks regardless of young, black, old, white, gay or straight. but we need to get in the communities and long- term engagements with them, and not political cycles and for many years, i have been a republican since i was 18. i made a choice based on the party and the values and i agree with 99 percent or whatever percentage and this is where i belong. we don't get in n and deal with people at that level. >> i can tell you, i got 49
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percent of the african-american vote in my state. republicans never get that percentage. you do when you build relationships in the community. >> right on the >> wait a minute. david and right and you are right. it is a watershed moment. governor huckabee you showed up. you didn't say that is a inner city. no, you were governor of all. i will show up and when you take the message of david's point of opportunity and guys, you like keeping more of what you eastern and sending your schools to great schools. you can be purple or lavend oregon loim green. when you put the republican party and not the face of governor huckabee we are toast. >> politics follows policy rather than the other way around. it is a mistake. they put politics and not policies that empower people. if we do empower families and
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the politics follows and that's how it works. >> it is the down stream culture. >> coming up. are social issues important in the midterm election? we'll tell you when we
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>> we are back talking about how republicans win and we ask you to chime in on a host of topics including birth control and
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same- sex. these issues are so far down on the list of things that must be triaged in order to save our country. sammy, i don't know that i agree with bob. i am not saying they are as important as jobs, but what is your take from your community as to whether or not they matter anymore. >> truth was never be sacrificed on the altar of political or cultural expediency. this party must be convicted to spoking truth and compassion. they stem from our christian value system. and that is the central core of african-american leaders and la10o churches. and the gop said we'll not discuss social issues and we call spiritual and moral issues, you will amienate the communities you are attempting to engage. >> david you don't think so?
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>> i think we are painting to black and white. >> and we have them all in there. >> we are pating too simple of a picture. conservativism is a movement and republican is the party. social issues matter to some but not all borders. more and more the youth. it was colto have a black friend and girl friend and gay friend and now no one cares what your friend is. it doesn't make it bad or good. we have to have a moratorium on giving the weapon to use. >> hold on a second. this is the reality. of the 80 million people who self identify as christians in the country, 50 percent of them didn't register to vote and only 50 percent registered voting.
12:45 am
if ten percent more had voted for romney we would be talking about president romney. >> the only reason is the social issues. by the way, it is their fault. >> every social conservative votes fiscally conservative. not but all vote essentialio conservative. but they vote consistently conservative cross the board. congresswoman, does it matter. are you still hearing from constituents that those issues matter at all? >> i hear about the issues. it is the fabric of america. look at faith, family, freedom and hope and opportunity. you keep that under penning strong and focus on freedom and free market. people understand that political freedom and economic freedom are linked and you have to have that total picture.
12:46 am
i think it is important for us to talk about it in the right way. i think it is important for us to have the right tone and right messengers. and it is important to keep those issues very focused in the forefront. job and it is economy are issue number one. obama care is issue number two. but making certain that we preserve our first principles that always comes out. >> as the only other woman on the panel, the congresswoman makes a great point. america will always be about family. it is the way the republican and conservative are talking about social issues that bothers me as a woman. and we are alienating women that we need to bring back into the fold. and what happen, romney lost the woman vote by ten percentage votes and i am convinced to
12:47 am
david's point, the left does a great job putting us on in a box. war on women. and you know this governor huckabee. why don't we have women, the face of the party talking about women are the ones that are making sure home fours are burning and fiscal house in order. and women is talking about life is awesome and i can be a mom and career woman and protect life. but where we lose is when we talk about and vilify those who make other choices than preserving the life of a baby. >> we are running out of time. that's where we are failing. >> but neither should we apologize for believing something and nor should we let the democrats and far left tell us what we can. >> let more women say i preserve the life. >> and we'll end it here and that's the way time works.
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for this hour we talked about the issues that republicans need to address to win the next election. republicans also need to stand united and work together on issues they may not always agree with. so what's being done about that? chairman rice previus joins us now. thank you for being on shoethan you, governor. >> if you had a way to maybe say, look, here's what has to happen to bring the party
12:52 am
together to win in 2014, what do you think the key elements are? >> as i listened to most of the discussion, i think the one thing that really popped out at me was what david webb was talking about that i think is really fundamental, and here's what i want people to understand. our issues at the rnc level, i think, are fundamental, getting on the ground in communities on a long-term basis, and here's the problem. what's happened over the last several years at the rnc, the entity that i'm in charge of, is we have become, unfortunately, an organization that has shown up about once every four years, five months before an election. we have become a part-time party. to david's point, the things we're trying to do differently, it sounds very intelligent, but it's not what's going on, is we are putting in place in as many communities as possible that we can pay for, long-term, full-time engagement in
12:53 am
african-american, hispanic, asian communities across the country. that's number one. number two, we got to be in every battleground state nonstop. and that's where, i think, we've really been getting killed. we've got about a $35 million data upgrade and helping us speak to and identify and segment different voter communities. and then lastly, the comments about different phases and different voices of our party, being up front, i couldn't agree more. we've done a great job in getting hispanic governors, african-american senators exposed, but you know what? we've done a lousy job bragging about it. and we've got to do better. all of that really encompasses 90% of the things i'm trying to deal with. >> one of the things you've done that i commend you for is you've pushed back against some of the media, maybe depictions of the republicans. for example, you said, i'm not going to let networks like msnbc
12:54 am
dictate the terms of the next presidential debate, let them pick the hosts who maybe are not indifferent but hostile to the republican message and the republican messengers. what response have you gotten from taking that stand? >> it's been tremendous, governor. obviously there is a lot of other things we need to do as well. when i talk about shortening our primary system, it's not an establishment takeover, but i happen to believe that six months of slice and ing and dic ourselves in the public media is a joke, and i think having 20 debates of a traveling circus in front of liberal moderators is another joke that's going to come to an end. we're going to reduce the number of debates, and by the way, we're going to pick the moderators and debate partners, not the other way around. that's something we have to change in our party. >> well, my hats off to you. i think it's a brilliant move and strategy and shows real leadership, and i thank you for that. but i also thank you for being here today to give us a summation of what republicans
12:55 am
can do to win. chairman prebius, thank you for chairman prebius, thank you for being with us. announcer: get caught buzzed driving, and you could do some hard time. woman: craig. knock it off! sorry, mom. announcer: it could cost you around $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates, and that could set you back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving.
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tonight we folk you had on how republicans can win. i'm convince aid clear, conservative message is compelling to people with common sense. most people know you can't spend money you don't have and you can't borrow what you can't afford to pay back. most people know if you pay people to not work, they're never going to want to work. most people know you're going to get more of what you reward and you'll get less of what you punish. so if you punish productivity and you reward irresponsibility, you can be assured of less productivity and a lot more irresponsibility. most people know that a higher tax is really the government having a lower respect for the work that people did to earn the money. people know that a great nation
12:59 am
doesn't have a strong military because it enjoys using it, but because having a strong and ready military means you probably won't have to use it. people understand that the purpose of government is not to pick the winners and losers in the marketplace but simply to wear the striped shirts and keep the game fair and fluid. most people know that if you let water sit still too long, it gets stagnant just like letting politicians stay too long in office makes them stale. and most people believe that the last people on earth that we've let raise our kids would be the government, and we believe that parents ought to be empowered to raise their own kids and even pick their own schools. now, if that isn't what americans want, then republicans are going to lose. but if it is what americans want, then republicans are just going to have to stop fighting each other and start fighting for the americans who do have
1:00 am
common sense. thanks for joining us on this special edition of "huckabee." from new york, this is m huckabee. good night and god bless and stay tuned for judge jeanine. welcome to a special edition of justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. tonight in our long investigation into the dangers facing the u.s. power grid, what would it take to bring it down? and if our system did break down, how would you you asurviv what would it be like in the dark? i'm in lower manhattan right now standing in front of a typical power station. but last month i went to a meeting just a few blocks from here in the freezing cold. when i came out of that meeting,


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